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2015 Mission Trip

This year’s mission trip was our 16th mission to Vietnam.  It was even more special because it was our first medical mission to Vietnam.  Thirty of us, many of whom were accompanying Care2Share core group for the first time to Vietnam.  Besides C2S core members, we comprised of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, business owners, teachers, students, people from all walk of life who came together to find out more about the poor and needy in Vietnam and to reach out to them.   We began our trip in the south, Binh Duong, and ended in the north, Bac Giang.  We worked hard and were busy every day, from the moment the sun barely rose, until late in the night.  But we had our fun too!  Many moments of laughter and tears were shared with our new found friends.  We all felt it was a rewarding experience, gaining compassion and love from the people’s appreciation and smiles; we received more than we could ever have given.

Please share with us on our journey through the photo albums below.

2015 Mission Trip

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