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Care2share 2016 mission trip began on 3/7/16 and lasted until 3/18/16.  Traveling in the spring has its benefit of cooler weather, although cooler means temperatures in the 80’s to even 90’s.  It was as always a fully packed itinerary.  This year’s mission trip included some locations that were not visited the year before.  We began the trip in the deep south, Ca Mau, Rach Suc and Con En.  Con En was the one of the initial projects that Care2share began with in Vietnam.  Much progress has been made here.  We held two medical clinic in these areas serving 500 people in one day.  After spending time visiting families and inspecting past and possible projects, the team flew to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The city of Phnom Penh is filled with extremely poor people.  We saw homeless families sleeping on the sidewalk.  We spent a full day holding medical clinics at 3 locations.  Most of the people were Vietnamese nomads living in Cambodia.  We visited families living along the river with no clean water and barely a home.  We visited the daycare center and school that the children go to receive some kind of education.  Continuing our trip, we flew to Pleiku, where we have many projects here to inspect and visited families in need of new homes.  Here we also held a medical clinic for these poor, indigenous people.  Then we flew to central Vietnam to visit the rural areas between Hue and Danang.  Khe Sanh is a new location that we have not visited yet.  The drive up the mountains was beautiful.  The people here are very poor.  A couple months before, it was so cold up here because the thin, straw walls of their homes did not provide any form of insulation to keep warm.  We sent 600 blankets here to help them through the winter.  We visited the peanuts field that was one of our project.  We gave out bikes to students and listened to their life stories with a heavy heart.  Many came to our medical clinic, that we made due with what we had, on the dirt ground underneath a little, raised house.  People were very happy to receive our gifts of basic food such as rice, oil, and noodles.  We ended the trip in Hue taking care of the elderly nuns and brothers at the convent and monastery.  This was another memorable trip, whether it was one’s first or many.  All the participants enjoyed each other’s company and team work.  Most of all, meeting the people, seeing their grateful smiles and knowing that we’ve touched their lives as they, ours, leave in our heart another treasured experience.


2016 Mission Trip

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