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Our Mission/Vision

We humans are borned with an innate sense to care and the compassion to share. Ordinary people have borned testament to this fact throughout our human history. It is from these convictions that Care2Share have planted our work as messengers sharing the needs of the neglected and the poor with those who want to share a part of themselves.

Care2Share is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization staffed with 100% volunteers who work to provide funding, ideas and the human touch to the less fortunate people in remote locations.  

Our Vision – All people in the world empowered and enabled to pursue health, happiness, and self-sustaining livelihood with human dignity.  

Our Mission is to be the intermediary to com-municate people’s needs and to bring relief and the human touch to the suffering and neglected people.  

Care2Share strives to create opportunities for the less fortunate and neglected people to achieve basic human livelihood and living conditions. Our dream: All people can achieve self-sufficiency to join and contribute meaningfully to the world.


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Our Beneficiaries

We have supported Vietnam, Cambodia, Haiti, and Philippines. Our beneficiaries are primarily those who live in remote locations or ethnic minorities; those who have little or no access to domestic or international help. Among these individuals are:

  • Jobless entrepreneurs who want to obtain a means of earning a living
  • Students whose families can not provide them with food and tuition
  •  Ethnic villages without basic sanitation, latrines, and medication
  • Children who are handicapped, blind, deaf- mute, or orphaned
  • Victims of flood and other natural disasters
  • Victims of Agent Orange and mine-fields

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Overcoming All Odds

A young man in the barren mountainous land of central Vietnam, who is paralyzed from the waist down was shunted by society as a burden. He persistently asked to be taught computer skills. He was finally given the opportunity with aide from Care2Share. After months of tutoring in basic computer skills, he was able to begin doing clerical work from home, which allowed him to live without shame and with independence. This solidly confirmed that with resources and given the opportunities, all dreams are possible with the support of those who care.

A Medical Solution with no Medication

In small villages of Con En Island, a typical outhouse was a tiny hut over a pond feeding the same fish that they ate. The villagers were not aware that the disease-infested water leached from the pond into adjacent irrigation canals. These canals were also the source of drinking and washing water. To remedy the problem, public restrooms were built. With the use of septic latrines, and the clean running water, cross contamination was eliminated. The effect? Dysentery and other waterborne diseases were reduced by 60% in a matter of a year.

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Medical Mission

We teamed up with doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacist from abroad and locally to provide basic health check up to thousands in many remote locations far from major cities. Medicines were provided and bad teeth were removed.

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Recycling Money… And Making It Better

Question: How does a family of five makes end’s meet?

Answer: Everyone capable must pitch in. The nine-year-old helped in the field, the seven-year-old babysit the five year old, and both parents worked on the field. The wife who was capable of weaving nets for the fishermen dreamed of someday being able to buy hand tools to start her home-based business. A small loan of $50 US was made from a Care2Share sponsored community chest to catalyze her home business. With the community support, she would be able to earn an income and also pay back this loan. The money is then in turn lent to others in the community to help spawn new dreams and endeavors. This is not giving a fish, nor a fishing pole, but rather a way to make fishing nets for a living.

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Care2Share’s Methodology

  • Care2Share is a non-profit organization staffed fully by volunteers.
  • Onsite trips are used to survey needs, qualify projects and leaders, deliver funding, and review progress. Volunteers pay for all travel expenses.
  • Projects development or selection are based on immediacy of impact, duration of effect, and efficiency in building lives.
  • Care2Share does not discriminate based on sex, age, religious belief, ethnic background, or political view.


  • Our funding come from individual supporters, organizations, corporations and various communities.
  • Ninety-nine percent of funding raised goes directly to projects in Vietnam.
  • All travel expenses are out of pocket by members who are also 100% volunteers.

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