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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Care2Share believes in helping people help themselves. By giving people the means to earn a living, C2S hopes to enable people to continue lifelong sustainability. In areas of farming, C2S gives seeds and equipment to farm crops such as corn, rice, peppers, lychees etc. In other areas, C2S gives funding to help raise farm animals such as chickens and pigs. At some leprosy camps, C2S help the people initiate a crab farm.


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Many parents have a difficult time finding work or have to make the difficult choice of bringing their young with them while they work in the fields under the hot, humid sun. Young children are taken care of at daycare centers where parents pay little or no fees. By providing funding to build and maintain childcare centers, Care2Share enables parents the ability to go to work. As to date, C2S has built… centers and continues to provide funding for these childcare centers, including 5 centers in the Pleiku surrounding villages to take care of ethnic children of K’mong, Sedang, Kutong, Lang O, and Lang Bo. C2S also pay for repairs and renovations at some of these centers.


Education is the means to a better life. Many of the poor living in rural areas are uneducated. In some rural villages of the indigenous, people do not even know how to read and write in their own language. Most are unemployed or low skilled, depending on hard labor for survival. Because going to school is not a requirement in Vietnam, many young people in rural areas do not have the privilege of attending school. Education is the means to a better life for the next generation. Care2Share believes that by providing scholarships and live and learning centers to students to attain an education, they will have opportunities for a brighter future. These young people go on to vocational schools to learn skills for better jobs and some continue on to college to become teachers, nurses, doctors and other professions.


Access to medical care is a rare privilege for the poor in Vietnam, especially people in rural areas. By providing medicine for hard to get to areas, local nurses and caretakers can provide some medical care and vitamins to the sick, young and elderly. Since 2015, C2S has begun medical and dental mission to rural areas that are visited on the annual mission trip. With the healing touch of medical and dental professionals, these volunteers hope to bring physical and compassionate care to the sick and needy.


Many of the poor people in rural in Vietnam live in tiny homes with walls covered by woven sheets of straws, dirt floor, and tin roof. These poorly made homes leak during rainy weather and cannot withstand strong winds. Care2Share provided homes to carefully chosen families who are most in need of new homes. Care2Share have provided numerous homes over the 16 years that we have operated in Vietnam and yet, there are so many more families in desperate need of a more dignified home  . The new homes are modest in size and contain one room. Depending on the region, the homes are made of materials such as cement, metal sheets and wood.  The families are very happy and thankful to become recipients. With a new house, they have a small but warm, comfortable home to shelter from the elements.














Poor children who have lost one or both parents or are too poor to be taken care of, come to live at Cam Lo’s orphanage.   Cam Lo is a small town 2 hours from Hue. Here, the Sisters of Holy CrossOrders run an orphanage to take care of these children, most of whom are indigenous children from the villages of the surrounding mountains. Since 2011,Care2Share started the Care2Sponsor program in which sponsors adopt a child and give funding for clothing, food, education, and shelter. The children are compassionately taken care of by the nuns and guided through better education so that many more opportunities could open for them toward a brighter future. As to date, 36 children are sponsored through the Care2Sponsor program.


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Please visit CARE2SPONSOR SHUTTERFLY Site for more photos and news of the Cam Lo children.


Clean drinking water is essential to have a healthy life. Many people live in rural areas that don’t have access to clean water for drinking and cooking. Care2Share installed filtered water systems in many areas in which people in surrounding villages come with their jugs of water to get clean water to take home for use. Each water filtration system can supply water for thousands of villagers.  They come with their jugs and only pay a nominal fee to help with electricity cost.  The filter water system consists of filtration system, storage tank, generator, dispensing station, and transport cart.