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Summer Experience – Vietnam and Cambodia

Program Description:

The mission work that Care2Share members do in Vietnam is a great experience in and of itself. Being part of the group on the ground in Vietnam is the best way to share in that experience. The goal of this program is for Care2Share to be able to offer others who are not necessarily members of Care2Share, the opportunity to experience traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia, contribute to the charity work that Care2Share does, and also develop a better understanding of Vietnamese and Cambodian history, culture, and business practices. Everyday during the actual trip will involve doing charity work during the day, and then experiencing the culture and places of interest in the afternoon. Care2Share usually visits places such as orphanages, schools, and small villages to do their charity work. In the afternoon, after all the work for the day is done, group members may tour places of interest as a group or individually. The goal is to offer others the chance to open up their eyes and see the world from a different perspective, one that is hard to see without traveling to such countries and joining in the work that Care2Share does.

Learning Objectives:

Share in the experience of charity work abroad:

Participants have the opportunity to travel with the Care2Share group as they travel to various different locations that are poor, underdeveloped, or neglected. Participants will get to contribute to the mission by helping to transport and hand out toys, candy, and other supplies to those in need. Joining in Care2Share’s work will also give participants a better perspective into how real charity work is done and a greater understanding of some of the challenges that charity organizations often face when operating in Vietnam and Cambodia specifically.


Increased understanding of history, culture, and business practices of Vietnam and Cambodia:

Both countries have unique cultures that may seem hard to distinguish on paper, but become very obvious when traveling. When traveling to villages, participants will see the type of work that villagers do to make money. When driving through the countryside and walking through the cities, Care2Share members are more than happy to point out significant locations and discuss with participants about many of the professions that native Vietnamese and Cambodians have. In the afternoons, after all the work is done for the day, Care2Share usually always visits historical areas as well that are nearby.


Become more well-traveled:

Seeing both the tourist attractions as well as the more impoverished areas gives participants a more well-rounded perspective of Vietnam and Cambodia. There are many forces that influence why certain countries are the way they are, and the best way to truly understand those forces, is to experience them first hand. A trip to Vietnam and Cambodia lets participants experience those countries fully, and after the trip, participants will have a greater understanding and degree of exposure to the countries.

Living Accommodations:

Everyone going on the trip will stay in the same hotel for convenience. Hotel room arrangements can be negotiable and are flexible. Dining will take place usually in village dinning areas, the hotels, or in restaurants near the hotel. The cost of living will be paid out of pocket by all those who travel.


Once in Vietnam, the group will take taxis, boats, and mopeds to get around the city. A taxi will be taken to get from Vietnam to Cambodia and back. Cost of transportation is paid out of pocket by all those who travel.

Estimated Cost:

Budget for Summer 2008 trip:

Air Fare :                                        $1,700

Room and Board :                        $1,125 (15 days at $75 per day)

Transportation :                            $400


Total :                                              $3,225

2016 Mission Trip

This post is also available in: Vietnamese


Care2share 2016 mission trip began on 3/7/16 and lasted until 3/18/16.  Traveling in the spring has its benefit of cooler weather, although cooler means temperatures in the 80’s to even 90’s.  It was as always a fully packed itinerary.  This year’s mission trip included some locations that were not visited the year before.  (more…)