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2016 Mission Trip

2016 CARE2SHARE MISSION TRIP Care2share 2016 mission trip began on 3/7/16 and lasted until 3/18/16.  Traveling in the spring has its benefit of cooler weather, although cooler means temperatures in the 80’s to even 90’s.  It was as always a fully packed itinerary.  This year’s mission trip included some locations that were not visited the year before.  […]

2015 Mission Trip

2015 Mission Trip This year’s mission trip was our 16th mission to Vietnam.  It was even more special because it was our first medical mission to Vietnam.  […]

C2S 2013 trip summary

C2S 2013 trip summary May 2013 To first time readers: Care2Share members, board of directors and staff are all volunteers. Our missions are executed out of our own pocket, including airfare, room and meals, and local transportation. This ensures that close to 100% of donor’s money go directly to projects in Vietnam. That is how much we appreciate our financial supporters. […]

Haiti Medical Mission Journal

Recorded:  Hung Pham for Care2Share Monday, Apr.5, 2010 (our 1st day): we came, delivered “goods”, ate, and sorted medicines, and give-aways. We surveyed tent cities in Port Au Prince and Croix de Bouquet. […]

C2S in Pleiku, Viet Nam 5/09/09

C2S in Pleiku, Vietnam 5/09/2009 Care2Share group had a meeting with Pleiku project manager.  The 0900 meeting was held at th PjM’s home.  We discussed the current projects as well as proposed new projects.  The proposed projects  and funded for 2009 – 2010 are: […]