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What many families call “home” are mere shacks made of corrugated tin sheets or woven straws; whatever makeshift that they can put together.  The “homes” are small, one room with no water or electricity.  The roof has since corroded and leaks whenever it rains.  The walls are thin and cannot withstand any harsh weather.  The floor is the dirt floor that the home is built on.  For many years, Care2Share has supported many poor, needy families by giving them a new home.  The homes are built of different materials depending on the region and the costs varies based upon the degree of completion of the homes.  The 3 regions that C2S have built homes in are CON EN, THIEN AN, and PLEIKU.  The families are carefully chosen by the program manager in the region.  Care2share evaluates the choices and verifies the needs on our annual visit.  Because there are still many poverty stricken families who are in great need for new homes, Care2Share is introducing a campaign BUILD A HOUSE.  Donors can choose to make a one-time donation for the entire cost of a home or divide into 10 or different number of payments.  This is also a great way to collaborate with family members, friends or group to make a combined donation of a home.  Please email C2S at Care2Share.c2s@gmail.com and a member of Care2Share will contact you if you have additional questions.  To begin making a donation to BUILD A HOUSE, click DONATE to be redirected.


A new home in MEKONG DELTA costs $1200. It is an open air, simple style and the family can continue in the building process to add to its development.

A new home in Mekong Delta

Con En new house


A new home in HUE vicinity costs $1800. It is a sturdy, modest one room home with metal roof that will provide a family with dependable, safe shelter for a long time.

A new home in Hue



A new home in Pleiku costs $2000. It is a complete home made with wooden posts from lumber in nearby forest and painted, metal sheets. It includes a basic bathroom, and area for cooking. The costs is materials only. The families in the village all contribute free labor in the building of the home.

A new home in Pleiku

Pleiku new home

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